faith | love | hope
art in sacred places in Gräfelfing

opening  saturday  23. june 2018 at 15:00
start in St. Johannes d. Täufer (Baptista) Church
Kirchweg 2  82166 Gräfelfing / (Alt)Lochham

exhibition dates  23. june – 15. august 2018

Kunstkreis Gräfelfing opens 12 sacred places in Gräfelfing, Lochham and parts of Planeggs, for an unusual art exhibition.

30 contemporary artists transform these places with around 100 exhibits with painting, sculpture, intervention, photography, media art, installation, sound and light in spiritual meeting places.
The exhibition entry is free. Accompanying lectures, readings, tours, concerts and performances take place.

I present two new installations in the St. Johnannes d. Täufer (Baptista) Church in Altlochham and in the Neue Aussegnungshalle Gräfelfing.

I´m looking forward to seeing you again.

More program informations will be available at the end of May at


to the sky

2018 Sheila Furlan
installation in the St. Johannes d. Täufer
Church in Altlochham